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Many people are put off embracing traditional feminine tones in a space for fear it’ll look too young and childlike but, when used correctly, pink is a very glamorous accent colour that brings with it deeply nurturing psychological qualities.

Before you start creating your pink decor color scheme, it’s worth being aware that unlike more steady colors (think: blue and reds), different shades of pink create distinctly different moods.

Pale pink is said to be the colour of true love. Romantic and poetic, when paired with barely-there neutrals and washed out textiles, it gives distinctly grown-up bedroom appeal. While in it’s more shocking tones, like bright fuchsia, it becomes younger (oh hi, millennials), cooler and distinctly more pop-like.

Many shades of pinks have a freshness to them that designers absolutely love. To veer away from creating anything that looks tacky or childlike, you do need a little artistic direction.

Answering the most frequently asked questions about decorating a pink bedroom, here are 6 foolproof tips and trade secrets to help you make it look sophisticated and chic.

1. What shade of pink should I use? You don’t have to stick to just one shade! But it is best to know what look you’re going for from the very start. As we discussed, the tone of pink you chose will radically change the feel of your room.

To get clarity, articulate how you want to feel in the space. Do you want it to look energetic and glamorous? Then go for fuchsia. Do you want to feel instantly soothed the minute you step into a space? Then opt for a more soft and restrained pink, like blush, or a beige with pink undertones.

Pale pink looks especially lovely in a bedroom as it’s deeply relaxing, while a deep raspberry tone always looks warm and cheery. The trick is choosing the perfect hue for your needs.

Insider secret: Softer peach tones are said to cast the most beautiful light. In fact, Cesar Ritz chose a light apricot color for the robes at the Ritz in Paris as it flattered any complexion and, in turn, made people feel a million dollars.

2. How do I use pink tastefully?

Aren’t ready for the complete pink overhaul? Good! Creating pink interiors in no way means that you need to use pink and nothing else.

Whether it’s a pink statement couch, the headboard, bedframe or wallpaper- pink actually works best when it feels completely unexpected. Choose where you most want the color to shine.

Generally, it’s when you can appreciate a pop of color without being totally overwhelmed by it. Even if you are working with a predominantly neutral room, you can use a pink hue to style up the look. Light pink curtains or a shocking pink statement chair will do the trick, and then some.

3. What colors go with pink?

There are plenty of other styles and color combinations that one can easily adopt using pink.
Black and white stripes always look amazing against pink tones and can create a very cool contemporary nursery look.

A plain white backdrop offers a more staid and glamorous quotient- working very well with each other the two colors add lavishness and ease to each other. Dusty pinks mixed with subtle neutrals add glamour to a bedroom. While gray/blue neutrals are more modern and on-trend.
Pink can have a fierce energy that is well paired down with taupe, for balance. A masculine hue like navy blue will also keep it in check, if it’s a couple’s room.

Surprisingly, red and orange are two other colors that are used frequently with pink bedrooms as they stand out as bright contrasts that carry warmth, vibration & excitement. Pair with plum and magenta for a sophisticated, designer look. Or match with a shade of green that is of equal vibrancy and watch them almost melt together.

For maximum sophisticated appeal, not metallics can give pink a total grown-up edge, while black makes it look stark, dramatic, smart and crisp.

4. What furniture goes with pink?

Pink likes all the attention and so mixes and matches well with furnishings that have distinctly clean lines and fuss-free aesthetics.

I love the look of mixing and matching pink with unexpected patterns like black and white stripes or a soft oriental rug. It shouldn’t work, but it totally does.
Try a pink piece of furniture with leopard pillows, a pink chair next to a leopard rug, or even bedding that mixes and matches pink and leopard. There’s something effortlessly glamorous about the pairing!

5. What curtains go with pink?

Usually non-threatening shades like soft gray, cream and stark white tones look very chic. Or you can match your curtains to your focal point for a designer look (I love raw silk curtains in a bright statement tone).

If it’s a glamorous dusky pink, metallic gold and silver finishes look very Art Deco and luxe.

6. What flooring goes with pink?

Gray flooring looks gorgeous with pink as does plain wood floorboards (from modern to beautiful old-world parquet flooring). Pink is surprisingly versatile and can blend in with almost any floor color. Just be careful, if you have a lot of red tones in the carpet or wood – you’ll want to opt for a softer pale pink so the tones aren’t competing.

7.What Accessories Go With Pink Room?

The right accessories should bring the look together.

Pink throw pillows offer just the right amount of color feel fun and fresh and will bring the look together. While silk flowers—especially roses or peonies—make a great accent, particularly in an otherwise neutral space. We truly believe you can never go wrong with the look of an over-flowing vase full of blooms!

Pink can go sappy pretty very quickly however. If you don’t want that romantic, girly look, keep lines simple and clean and use sophisticated fabrics- for instance, we love pink contrasted with a touch of rafia. Cool edgy objects and striking pieces of art on a coffee table, a nightstand, or even a mantel will counter-balance this too.

8. Add a pink neon sign

Every celebrity home or ultra trendy bar these days—including the likes of Lauren Conrad and Kourtney Kardashian—seems to feature a modern neon sign.

Make it the finishing touch to your bedroom and put it above your bed, or hang it above the vanity—there’s really no wrong way to decorate with these guys.

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