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Why Decorate With Blue And White?

Time and time again when people are polled about their favorite color to decorate with, blue reigns supreme. And did you know that alongside white, it’s the most searched color combo on Google ever?

The aqua group (pale green, pale blue) is the most serene color group, making it an excellent choice for the bedroom and effortless for creating total chill-out vibes. It’s also the perfect balance between masculine and feminine, for all those couples moving-in together and currently scratching their heads as to how to balance out their two different styles.

The cool thing about the color combo is that it always feels so clean and fresh that it never really goes out of fashion. Ever. The classic pairing—which manages to be both breezy and sophisticated at once—has been in vogue the world over from traditional Greek island chic to Cape Code cool.

While the palette first became popular on Chinese pottery way back in the ninth century, it’s since become one of the most wonderfully versatile combinations ever! From conservative to preppy, traditional or modern, exotic or plaid, it’s entirely down to how you style it.

What Colors Go With Blue And White?

As a primary color, blue forms a wide spectrum of flexible hues from sky blues to deep inky tones. This is why Colette famously once said: “There are connoisseurs of blue just as there are connoisseurs of wine.” There’s a shade for practically any use.

Interestingly, blue acts as a neutral- which means there is not one single color that it can’t mix well with. Ironically, it was the last color to become visible to the ever-evolving human eye; and yet, it is the first primary color, from which all other colors are made possible so it blends like a dream.

Watery shades of blue never fail to invoke associations with the sea. Partner these softer blues, neighboring light greens and a neutral shade of sand for a feeling reminiscent of luxe relaxation.

Or go sophisticated and repeat both tan and pale blue fabrics from bedding to rugs, and painted furniture and create a calm and relaxing retreat in a master or guest bedroom.

If you are not color confident, blue loves neural color schemes and always fits in very well with them- while a little dash of bright yellow makes a strong complimentary final touch.

How Do You Make Blue and White Look Luxurious?

For a boutique hotel-style bedroom, opt for a backdrop of white walls and wide wooden floorboards. Add a modern four-poster bed to create a centerpiece to the room and dress the bed with white, preppy bedlinen.

If you fancy a glamorous look opt for a silver and grey palette. Dress a window with statement curtains made from silk, velvet or ikat. Maybe add a dramatic centre-point to the room with a glass chandelier, against a simple backdrop of white walls and a neutral sheepskin rug.

Duck-egg blue painted walls contrast beautifully with this theme complemented by cream and neutral accessories.

What Kinds of Blue Color Schemes Work For Bedrooms?

As the color we associate with the sky, the sea and never-ending horizons, blue has a deeply calming effect. While, as we know, the color offers the widest spectrum of shades, the best (in my opinion) are those inspired by natural elements. From the palest sky hues to deep inky ocean tones.

How do you best introduce blue to an all white bedroom?

You can successfully introduce blue into your decorating scheme through a few key factors. If you have large bay windows, then statement blue curtains will look fabulous when paired with beautiful throw pillows.

If you are not feeling confident, bed linens provide a great opportunity to get creative and experiment with the color. The possibilities are endless here- stripes, florals, a bold modern pattern. It can really change the feel of your room and does not require much bravery at all.

Blue bedside lamps would be another relatively painless way to have fun. Introduce yellow throw cushion or bunch of yellow faux flowers to contrast the tone beautifully.

For those who want to be bold? I’d recommend a standout feature like a peacock-blue headboard and a matching bedroom chair. Or some jaw-dropping blue art,

For a luxurious blue-themed boudoir, themed wallpaper call act as a stunning backdrop – team with matching cushions to blend it into the room. Or a teal velvet headboard and matching bedside tables to complete the look. Soften the look with white walls, a cosy rug and themed bedlinen.

What Accessories Go With Blue and White?

Blue and white schemes rely on a hip accent color to make them come to life. Shimmering metallics – especially gold and silver will pop with it, while white marble always adds a touch of elegance. For French elegance, all lavender tones look truly beautiful. A touch of feminine? Mix-in a dusky pink.

Really, any accessories go well with a blue and white color scheme. So long as they fit the overall theme of your design. If you have gone for a colder shade of blue, you might need to warm up the look/feel with textures like a shaggy sheepskin or statement throw pillow.

Accessories in varying shades of blue are a subtle way to mix up the color scheme and make it look unique. Adding the patterned bedspread and pillows are a great way to break up the simplicity, or do with solid colors for a more minimalist aesthetic.

What Furniture Goes With Blue and White?

White-toned furniture and shades of neutral are the perfect compliment to a gorgeous gray blue. Light pink headboards always look superb with pale shades.

As it’s a typically cool color, I have to keep emphasizing that textures such as cozy sheepskin rugs and wicker chairs will make it a perfect sanctuary.

What Flooring Goes With Blue and White?

Any kind of flooring can go well with blue and white decor, but if you really want to try something bold and unique, opt for a stone or concrete floor to accent the shade.

Warm woods will prevent a cold feeling. Natural stone & rustic textures will look sophisticated. A trendy rug will keep it contemporary and cool, while a neutral color will blend in seamlessly.

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