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Never before has there been so many enviable bathrooms to drool over! Whether you are coasting through Pinterest or Instagram; beautifully tiled floors, dreamy cabinets and claw foot tubs everywhere make it practically impossible not to get swept away in grande luxurious visions of nights in soaking in dream bubble baths. However, in reality, the average bathroom is getting smaller with less square foot than ever before.

When left dealing with a teeny-tiny space that you don’t have a huge budget to renovate or that isn’t even yours (if you are renting), it is easy to get discouraged and for the bathroom to quickly become the most hated room in the house. Everyone’s been there at one time or another!

In order to make a small awkward bathroom look gorgeous again, there are a few ideas, tips and trade secrets that always work a treat. Answering the most frequently asked questions on the topic, here’s our super-quick, super-easy decor guide

1. What is the fastest, cheapest way to transform a horrible, small bathroom?

In one word: color! Most landlords will let you paint – so long as you promise to make the space look better and give it a professional look.

Be careful though. Warm colours on the wall tend to make a space look smaller – yellow was popular in the 18th century when people had huge mansion rooms for a reason. Instead opt for paint colors in stark whites, icy blues, grays.

You can also look at temporary wallpaper which will totally revamp the space and can allow small (even dark rooms) to come into their own. A horizontal stripe patten will instantly maxmize the sense of space.

Or if not, clean up the small details that might be making the bathroom look worse than it is as best you can. Try refreshing the grout. Ask if you can get new fixtures by checking with your landlord (because we bet you could at least get a new showerhead). If not, shine and buff the ones you do have so it looks clean at the very least.

Insider’s tip: if using color, be sure to also paint the wall a different tone from the ceiling. The contrast will make the ceiling seem higher than it actually is. 

2. What are the easiest decorating ideas to transform my small bathroom?

The best,easiest trick in the book is to leave the surfaces sparse. Clutter also instantly makes a room feel small- deliberately keep just the essentials on show.

This will look extra stylish if you opt for a powerful accent color and streamline all your accessories so they match. For example, if it’s an all white bathroom, imagine how a cool retro orange will visually pop or if it’s all gray think of mixing in a bold pink or black.

A chic shower curtain, quirky bathroom art, silk flowers and a cute rug also never fail to add a good dose of charm. Although essentially only small touches, if you go for quality the difference they can make may well surprise you.

  • I hate my oddly colored tile walls! What do I do?

Work with what you have! Instead of trying to fight against the fact that you have them, choose a color palette that will rock with the tiles you do have.

Complementing what’s already there will look much better than trying to hide it. If the color is especially dated you may want to look at vintage art to compliment. Or add a few statement pieces like a faux jog of flowers and pretty candles, this will bring an air of luxury and make them stick out less.

  • I can’t add a window and it’s really dark. How do I create more light?

A light neutral paint color and a higher wattage light bulb should do the trick. The tried and tested ways to make a room seem lighter, brighter and more spacious are (i) more mirrors (ii) reflective surfaces (iii) lighter colors.

It’s also worth remembering that lighter colours on the floor can really help too as it’s often a space we forget about- try a bright oversized rug.

*How do I live with the awkward shape?

Subconsciously our brains like to arrange things in squares, first-and-foremost see if you can harmonize the accessories on show. You can also make a wall seemingly disappear into space by mirroring it entirely. Play with large mirrors and see if you can make it look more pleasing.

  • Can’t get the tub/shower/Jacuzzi you want?

The perfect bathroom will invigorate & awaken you in the morning and help you to unwind and relax at night. If you’re heart broken because you can’t sink into a hot tub after a long day, consider make what you have to do to make it a more enjoyable place to spend time in?

Adding fresh scented candles so you can shower in romantic lighting might be just the ticket or splurging on an expensive soap or cream to make the experience more luxurious for you can really  make your bathroom a place you want to spend more than just five minutes getting ready in the morning.

  • I want to put a whole new sink or cabinet in but can’t! What do I do?

Organize the space to the max will at least make using cabinets you don’t like more pleasurable to do. Scented drawer lining can also really help here.

Aesthetically speaking, if you can change the mirror for something cooler and more contemporary and even add something like a happy hanging plant that will distract you/your guests from noticing the offending furnishings.
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