Work From Home Tips

Working from home is something practically everyone who routinely goes into a corporate office daydreams about. Yet in reality, it's so easy to find yourself feeling torn in lots of directions; laundry, kids, pets, cleaning, emailing, making hourly snacks. There can be so many different things trying to get our attention, we then feel like a total life failure if we don’t even get through all that we planned to #theshameisreal Having worked from home for 10+ years, editor of The Chosen Club, Suzi Boyle, shares some super helpful tips to take it to the next level.

Photo by JOSBRA design, Unsplash

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Prioritize joy

If we lose our joy for too long, we lose so much. Instead of being energized by it, we find ourselves doing things that are repetitive, and exhausting. Whether it's a high-vibe workout or lighting a sweet smelling candle, doing small things that make you happy give sooo much more energy and juice to give clients and projects!

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Work smart (not hard)

Most of us think we can fit waaaaay more into a day than is sanely possible (myself definitely included). Take time to identify what matters most. Otherwise all of the *little* things will get you distracted and then you'll get mad at yourself that nothing gets done .

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Limit how long you are allowed to work in pjs or sweatpants

So often we put that on the back burner as we have too much shit to do, right? We go to war with our day, just wanting to 'get it all done.' Yet feeling like you ready to meet the world is a powerful energetic state. Embrace it, girl.

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Move your body!

Physical exercise throughout the day is a total game-changer and yet something I try to resist as soon as things get busy. I like the tip of asking yourself how you want to FEEL in 1 Hr: “Sweaty or Sorry?”

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Embrace Beauty

Go mix it up and work from beautiful spaces! It’s easy to complain about working from home and forget the good sides. I always find the best creative magic happens when I go work from gorgeously designed spaces, it doesn’t even have to be expensive, yesterday I hotspotted from a gorgeous courtyard in Pasadena (where I live) and did my work among flowers and trees. Heaven.