Amazing Women-only Co-working Spaces

There’s something amazing that can happen when women come together to help each other rise and, more than ever before, there are initiatives all over the world supporting that to happen. From cool lofts, to exceptional networking groups, from Brooklyn to London to Australia, here's our round-up of the all-female co-working spaces you need to know about.

1 the-wing-co-working-space-brooklyn

The Wing, NYC

Started by former Hillary Clinton press-aide and longtime friend of Lena Dunham’s, Audrey Gelman, the Wing is a female-only, millennial pink workspace where even the library is stocked with women authors. Oh and you can order on-demand blowdries. Backed by Soulcycle and WeWork investors, The Wing is expanding rapidly with the latest outposts in Brooklyn (pictured) and DC- stay tuned for Los Angeles and San Francisco soon.

2 the-hivery-co-working-space

The Hivery, Marin

Northern California's The Hivery is unique because it is centred around the idea of collaboration, and community. Many of their members have changed careers or life paths in a dramatic way- taken time off, switched professions, had kids. The Hivery gives the gift of inclusion, welcoming all who would otherwise feel isolated on their career path. Plus it's oh-so beautiful and feminine too.

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3 all bright-co -working-london

All Bright, London

Set in a beautiful, 5-storey Georgian Townhouse, All Bright is a new London club for working women with co-working space, meeting rooms, curated events, and, perhaps most importantly, onsite treatment rooms that allow members to relax, recharge and meditate. TV presenter Kate Thornton, actor Kathy Burke and Margot James MP are among the founding members. Their mission? To inspire a new wave of female leaders in the city.

4 evolve-her-co-working-chicago

Evolve Her, Chicago

Alicia Driskill opened evolveHer in Chicago's River North at the end of 2017, after over six months of talking to hundreds of women about what they wanted. The result? A beautiful 5000 square foot loft space with one motto: we are stronger together.

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5 shecosystem-co-working-space

Shecosystem, Toronto

Shecosystem is a work-life space where women and feminists are encouraged to thrive by connecting with community, honouring the feminine, and making self-care part of their business strategy. Part of the ethos is that collaboration is stronger than competition and events rage from wellness to business and motherhood mentorship.

6 paper-dolls-la

Paper Dolls, Los Angeles

Paper Dolls is an innovative network of female entrepreneurs that began as a series of well curated dinner parties. The aim? To bring together inspiring groups of dynamic, collaborative, make-it-happen women—all unique but united in the desire to do business on their own terms. From full-time private offices to monthly member drop-ins, it offers flexibility and soon hopes to expand to Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle and San Francisco.

7 The Coven, co-working-office

The Coven, Minneapolis

The Coven is a space for women and non-binary individuals to pursue growth through connection and collaboration. Founded by local women- Alex, Bethany, Erinn and Liz, who met through a local non-profit organization- it's dedicated to bridging the gender gap in creative fields and has a full programme around business building, career and personal growth, and health and wellness.

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8 Quilt, Los Angeles

Quilt, Los Angeles

Quilt does co-working a little differently. An innovative Los Angeles based start-up, the company was founded by creatives Ashley Sumner and Gianna Wurzl, who believed there had to be a better way than forking out a huge overhead to create a cool working environment. Instead, their 1,000 members are offered the opportunity to work out of one another’s homes in four-hour sessions. Paying as-you-go, fees are usually around $20 and the host lays on food and drinks and may even offer a unique hosting spin too such as meditation or mini yoga breaks. Image: @passiondesign_ig

9 one-roof-melbourne-coworking

One Roof, Melbourne

One Roof is a female centric community and co-working space based in Melbourne with over 70 businesses calling it home. With a strong focus on supporting women-led businesses (businesses with a female founder, cofounder, CEO or a strong focus on gender equity), there's a full events calendar which ranges from confidence boosting tactics to podcast launches.

10 blooms-co-working-space

Blooms, Lonson

Situated in cool East London, Blooms is the city's first female-focused business club. Designed for female founders, entrepreneurs and freelancers, there's lots of pretty workspace, meeting rooms, a crèche, mentoring and over 100 events calendered per year.

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