Lewis Miller Floral Pop-Ups We’re Obsessed with…

After finishing a big event, florist Lewis Miller (@lewismillerdesign) often found himself wondering: "How else could can I reuse all these flowers?" With clients that range from the likes of Tory Burch (Miller recently did her New York Fashion Week runway carnations) to Mayor Bloomberg, Jamie Dimon, Carolina Herrera and the Bulgari family, after the last guest has left, he's often left with a truckload of blooms. “I was walking down the street one day and I saw a typical New York City trash can, overflowing with garbage and spilling onto the sidewalk,” says Lewis, who’s run his floral business for 15 years but started the flash flowers in 2016. “And I thought, wouldn’t it be fun if that were all flowers?” What initially began as an experiment to reinvigorate and reconnect us to nature, turned into a beautiful shared experience in a city of millions. In celebration of his beautiful displays, we curated our top ten.

1 Lewis Miller Design-flash-flowers-nyc

The Gravel Pit

This unexpected flash of sunflowers, scattered all over the orange construction cartons in the Meatpacking District, was in Lewis's own words: "if Tuscany and New York City had a love child..."

2 18512389_119045708670775_4095390675539853312_n

90th St & Madison Ave

This trash can was a total 'only-in-New-York’ moment.

3 Lewis Miller Design-flash-flowers-nyc

From the runway to roadside...

Stripes, love hearts, carnations and graffiti? This reuse of Tory Burch's runway flowers was the perfect Valentines treat.

4 Lewis Miller Design-flash-flowers-nyc

Sidewalk cool

Lewis mentions "I felt the need to give the people of New York the gift of flowers" and it certainly worked with this side-walk installation.

5 Lewis Miller Design-flash-flowers-nyc

A Cherub Urn

Soft pinks and large feathered flowers sat outside New York's Mercury Lounge for the Sam Smith concert.

6 20066586_267018440450717_1851395852518555648_n

Tropics meet trashcan

While this Harlem Flower Flash bought more exotica to the sidewalk than ever before.

7 Lewis Miller Design-flash-flowers-nyc

29th street & madison ave

The leftovers from the Hulu holiday party couldn't have been used better.

8 Lewis Miller Design-flash-flowers-nyc

The Central Park Bench

This Upper Westside Central Park bench was just the little bit of happy we needed to counterbalance long January days.

9 Lewis Miller Design-flash-flowers-nyc

Cheering up the subway...

Brightening up New Yorker's daily commute, we loved this giant heart.

10 Lewis Miller Design-flash-flowers-nyc

A mountain of dahlias

A special collaboration with The New York Times's T Magazine, we loved this electric color scheme for the trash bags.