A romantic eco-luxe hotel in the heart of Rajasthan...

Raas Hotel, Jodhpur

Situated beneath the ancient ramparts of the fort, Raas is by all means a luxury hotel but in the most unostentatious way. Traditionally an 18th-century haveli (Maharaja’s mansion),  its modern architectural make-over is sublimely matched to the rose-hues of the ancient stone. With innovative solar power and recycling programmes in effect, it’s unobtrusive environmentally too. The butler-serviced infinity pool and smart alfresco dining options make it a hard place to leave but don’t miss a daytrip into town in the hotel’s own rickshaw, adorned with local flowers.


VIBE: Hip, modern, stylish.

GO FOR: Wow views of Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort. As well as the city’s best restaurant and a sleek rooftop bar.

KNOWN FOR: The first luxury hotel inside the Indian walled city of Jodhpur.

NOISE: The hotel is right in the middle of the city and next to a mosque, so there are multiple calls to prayer through out the day.


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