Accessible only by private plane, Marlon Brando former 'personal paradise' in French Polynesia is now an idyllic eco-resort...

The Brando, French Polynesia

Originally a summer retreat for Tahitian royalty, and the secret hideaway of Marlon Brando (who fell in love with the island in the ’60s and bought it as his ‘personal paradise’ while shooting  Mutiny of the Bounty), The Brando is the hot hotel in French Polynesia right now.  One of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, it’s accessible only by private airway- the 20 minute flight on the Brando’s own private plane is in itself a once-in-a-lifetime experience with vibrant reefs and impossibly gorgeous beaches below. Once there, the eco-resort compromises of 12 idyllic islets surrounding a sparkling lagoon and 35 luxury villas, each with its own private beach and pool….



LOCATION: The Brando is the sole hotel on Tetiaroa, it sits on a sparkling lagoon 30 miles north of Tahiti.

FAMOUS GUESTS: The Obamas reported stayed at The Brando  in April 2017.

VIBE: Decadent seclusion.

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