A landmark of French history...

The Conciergerie, Paris

The Conciergerie was built in the 10th century to be the main palace for the Kings of France, who then took liberal efforts to enlarge it over the centuries, with its Great Hall ranking as one of the largest in Europe. During the 14th century, some buildings were converted into a prison, before the palace was later turned into a revolutionary tribunal and prison during the Reign of Terror; its most famous prisoners were Marie-Antoinette and Madame du Barry. Today, the Conciergerie welcomes tourists from around the world but still serves as courts in the French government- it also plays dramatic background to Paris fashion week events. Sarah Burton staged the Alexander McQueen collection at the Conciergerie in Paris in 2015.

Open: 9:30AM-6PM
Region: First Arrondissement
Metro: Cité, Line 4
Entry: 9 Euros
Fact: A royal palace turned prison for Marie-Antoinette and hundreds of others during the French Revolution

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